is a clean, green, physically enhanced community whose citizens exhibit a strong sense of pride and concern about the environment. We maintain that an attractive city promotes respect and economic development.

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Downtown Shreveport

Shreveport Green Highlights

  • Sixteen National Awards for excellence in programming
  • Two hundred fourteen beautification projects, including planting over 112,000 trees!
  • Reduced litter as measured by the Litter Index Score of 1.1!
  • Cost Benefit to the City of Shreveport $8.97 for every $1.00!
  • Tree City USA status maintained every year since 1991!
  • Rewrote Shreveport Tree Ordinance in 1995!
  • Total volunteer hours for 2015 was 43,765!
  • Total volunteers for 2015 was 12,947!
  • ShrevCORPS has completed 506 community projects since 1993!
  • Annual Great American Cleanup enlisted 7,342 volunteers in 2016!
  • Neighborhood & Education Program has organized over 600 trash cleanups since 1993
  • Our Mobile Market has held 57 markets and counting in 2016
  • Our Urban Farm has expanded to 1.2 acres including raised beds, rows, a citrus grove and two pollinator gardens!

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